Few Things for First-timers To Keep in Mind While Booking A TS Escort

Attractive transgender beauties dominated the escort world for decades. Having hottest sex with a transsexual [TS] is the latest trend in the adult entertainment world. It was studied that around 195 million heterosexual male communities are attracted to TS-women and actively participate in a romantic or sexual relationship with them.

In the past several years trans dating has escalated in a revolutionary manner. Online adult sites catering to TS-attracted males are exclusively rising. The majority of guys are attracted to a TS having soft feminine curves, MTF breast augmentation, and the special real-penis underneath.

In Paris, is a great escort agency, which has helped guys find feminine, attractive, and compatible TS offering companion services.

Meeting Paris TS escort is an amazing experience but keeping a few things in mind can offer a memorable experience.

Read her profile

  • Be clear on what you actually want or expect from her.
  • Stay fixated in choosing a TS girl that matches your desires.
  • Check reviews to get an idea of her skills.
  • Your attitude has to be good, so you feel that your money is spent well.
  • First-timers need to look for gals rated highest in ‘attitude’ to feel comfortable.
  • If you wish to get penetrated, read her profile. You will find terminology like ‘Top’- means she is able or willing to penetrate and ‘Bottom’ means on the receiving end.
  • You can choose ‘Versatile’. Vers means the TS is comfortable to enjoy both activities like receiving and giving.
  • Girlfriend experience or GFE means she is all bottom.
  • If you desire a girl with breasts then look for cup size and not chest size.
  • Fully functional [F/F] means the girl can achieve an erection. As plenty of these gals are using heavy hormone replacement doses that they are unable to accomplish this act, so in many ads, this trait is mentioned.

First-time meeting an alpha woman……what to take! 

She will have condoms but you can carry your own. If you desire anal then loosen your sphincter muscles, before you embark on a fantasy. Choosing to be a ‘bottom’ guy for the first time can be more painful than expected. Ensure not to get geeked or drunk before you reach her front door. Be completely relaxed to have fun at the receiving end.

Clean shower and hygiene is a good idea. This is your first time to hire her for an hour, so you don’t feel rushed. The TS escorts are easy to converse and understanding because they are well aware of the differences between girls and boys, so men enjoy having a conversation with the TS.

What is off-limits with TS escort?

When you call her to book an appointment, never ask anything sexual. Respect her in person and even appreciate her limits. For example, some don’t kiss! Never do things that can embarrass her like making plenty of noise or showing up drunk for the date.

Never expect her to be graphic or highly responsive in her emails. She is an escort and has come across hundreds of exciting guys, who start emailing hot desires! Unique sexual kinks like bondage or cross-dressing may or may not be on her agenda. Check her ad, if she is fine with the fantasy play but prepare to pay extra charges for such adventure.

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