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Do You Know Why Asphalt Sealcoating Is Used for Driveways?

Repairing of any damaged asphalt driveways is not only difficult but also it is quite expensive too. Therefore, better maintenance of asphalt driveways can be the best and also most cost-effective way, if you want to avoid repair of large driveways.

In order to extend life of the driveway the easiest way can be by doing asphalt sealcoating. By hiring bitumen sealing services, you can do sealcoating on your driveway to keep it in great condition.

It is in fact, an easy and also inexpensive process, which can double the life of driveway. Besides that, it has many other benefits too.

1. Weatherproof

By selecting asphalt for sealcoating your driveway, you can protect it from snow, rain and water overflow.

When water will seep into the cracks and pavement, then it will erode the ground under the driveway. Asphalt sealcoating will cover small cracks and also prevent water to damage your driveway.

2. Protection from sun

As UV rays are able to age our skin, in the same way they also can age and damage our driveways.

The rays of sun can cause oxidation, that results in deterioration of driveway. Sealcoating will act like a sunblock and prevent harmful UV rays to age the asphalt.

3. Contaminant protection

Oil, gas and many other substances may eat away the surface of driveway. Particularly, spilled gasoline is able to erode asphalt.

Sealcoating will act as protective barrier for the driveway. It can be more resistant to the gasoline and any other contaminants. It can also fill small cracks, and prevent chemicals to leak beneath the driveway where they may do damage.

4. Durability

As sealcoat is a dark material, it will become hot under the sun. This can actually help in extending the life of asphalt driveways. As sealcoat can become more pliant when it is hot, it is more flexible.

This will make cracks in the driveway very less likely, as sealcoat is able to withstand pressure from wear and tear of the traffic.

5. Cost effectivity

As you know, asphalt is quite costly, its prices may rise even further based on the crude oil cost. However, sealcoating can be much more affordable as compared to replacing asphalt.

In case, the damage to the driveway is not too extensive, then sealcoating will be able to save you lots of money.

6. Easy to maintain

Besides sealcoating being much affordable, the maintenance and cleaning is also very easy after smoothing out all the surface of the driveway. You can sweep by using a broom any seal-coated driveways.

It is also possible to wash them without any fear of water getting seeped into cracks and deteriorate your driveway.

7. General look

For the overall look of your property, the driveway is very important, as it is the first things that people will notice. Sealcoating can easily turn any worn-looking and haggard driveway into a clean-looking and smooth surface.

Sealcoating will naturally look spotless and also well-maintained as compared to asphalt. Also, line markings can be easily painted onto sealcoating, that makes it most appropriate for parking spots.

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