Drug Addiction Happens Gradually But Affects Entire Life of Family

Drug addiction brings only sorrow and destruction. It isn’t just one person suffering from it, but the entire family is affected. The majority of divorce cases are the result of physical violence due to alcohol or drug addiction. However, if one of the parties feels to retain their healthy relationship back, then they can start looking for rehabs for couples.

These rehabs aren’t only for spouses where both parties are addicted, but they also focus on couples where one party is affecting the harmonious life of the family. The couple rehab helps in couple therapy which stabilizes relationships among married couples for a longer time. Many couples have observed that just treatment of addiction hasn’t stopped abuse in the family. Fights, arguments persist, which destroys happiness and traumatizes all family members including kids.

Not many people understand that drug addiction isn’t by choice. People think that relapse or addiction can be prevented. However, lack of knowledge can lead to just statements. Drug addiction is a substance use disorder. Which means it is considered a type of disease. A small habit can become worse if there aren’t any set boundaries.

There may be people who started with casual drugs but didn’t become addicted to it.

It becomes an addiction when a person feels the need for it. If they aren’t introduced to drugs, they rely on other substances to cope up with their situations. Initially, even a small dose of drugs can make a person high. However, after continuous consumption, they need to increase the dosage to get the same high feeling. This is how they get addicted to it, because of their tolerance increases.

With consumption, their brain is damaged. This leads to losing self-control, lack of self-decision or judgment, as well as behavior issues. When addicted is forced to leave drugs, they get into withdrawal symptom. This can happen in the rehabilitation center as well. Thus, family support is equally important because this is a crucial period where the patient needs a lot of support.

 Couples drug rehab center allows both addicted parties to get rid of drugs and alcohol. Their couple therapy not only helps in treating addiction but also building a strong and long relationship between couples. They provide outpatient and inpatient treatment depending upon the addict’s choice. Their program is made keeping in mind the long-lasting strong effect of denying substance use.

The addiction symptoms are –

  • Avoiding social gatherings, friends, families, and activities
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Constant smoke or alcohol smell from body and surroundings
  • Introvert and secretive behavior
  • Insomnia, too much sleeping, excessive eating or lack of appetite
  • Irate, mood swings, frustrated, anxious, aggressive and unstable emotions
  • Concentration problem

These symptoms last for at least six hours after taking the dosage. However, some symptoms show when there is a huge gap between two dosages and the patients are craving for it.

Thus, alcohol or drug addiction is a type of disease, which spreads rapidly and destroys not only the addict but the entire family. If you know someone close, who have such symptoms, instead of accusing them or family, help them and give support.

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