Tips for Parents to Choose A Right Primary School

Choosing a primary school is of personal preference. Some parents feel anxious to decide, while a few choose one close to their residence. Some things you can think about is – do you want to send your child to a public, private or boarding school? Do you desire to include religious education?

Alternatively, you will need to be practical in choosing a school. It includes school location, traveling difficulty, will your other children go to the same school, is their need for before & after school child care needed, etc.

Choosing the right primary school can move your child towards a lifelong journey including good academic qualification, impressive college education, and a successful career. A wrong choice can place a lot of pressure on the parents and even the child.

American education initiated quantifiable benchmarks in two subjects’ math and English at every grade level from pre-K to high school. The Tennessee education system also adopted this standard, since 2010.

Factors to consider while selecting a primary school

Find a suitable one

The four criteria a parent will need to set include –

  • Which specific subject matters?
  • Childs learning style
  • Contact level with peers
  • Extracurricular activities

Prepare a feature list

Basics to consider in a school are –

  • Great staff & teachers
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Busy children
  • Active parent-teachers association
  • High expectations

Check the standardized test scores to ensure the academic performance of the students.

Pay a visit

If you are interested in a specific school that seems to fit your child’s needs then give it a visit. See the classroom and interact with the staff and faculty members. Even try to communicate with other parents. It gives an idea of how the school functions and how teachers relate with the students. You get an overall picture of the learning environment.

Before you visit the school, prepare a question list to ask the principal, teachers, and staff members. If you are not allowed to take a tour around the school then it is a red flag.

What to see on a guided tour?

Never time a tour during breaks. The lobby needs to be impressive with kid’s pictures welcoming you. The class size must not seem all cramped up. Even look at the kind of displays teachers decorate the walls with. Teachers and staff will reveal their best behavior but if they ignore you don’t notice because they have their hands full. Gauge their stress level.

Talk with the kids and see how they respond. Primary schools are friendly, vibrant places. You may struggle to choose one as they may seem great.

Trust your instinct

In some schools, you will get a great feeling about the staff and other features, while in another one you will discover appealing extracurricular activities. Therefore, after gathering and assessing information, trust your guts and choose a school you feel your kid will be happy to go.

School choice will make a huge difference in your kid’s academic future. Therefore, take time and choose one that is suitable for you and your kid.

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