Custom Printed Calendars and Planners

Along with the birth of websites like Pintrest has come a culture of people that love to create their own custom planning items. These items make it that much more rewarding to plan out and achieve your goals. Utilizing planning and calendar printing can help maximize planning materials for your own goals and desires. If used correctly, they can also be used to advertise certain businesses and services if mailed out to potential customers at the right time.


There are lots of “custom” planners that can be purchased from local arts and crafts stores and online through sites like Amazon. These planners provide a general template broken down by day, week and/or month that purchasers can decorate¬†using stickers, pens, washi tape and other materials. While these planners can be customized to some extent, they are not necessarily custom. Since these planners have templates and have binded the planner in a certain order, purchasers cannot completely customize them. There are websites that allow people to create their own planners from start to finish, choosing their own templates, fonts, colors and even the number of pages it will have. The best part is that these planners are usually the same price as store bought planners. Many planners also use journals with blank and/or bullet pages. These also provide a customizable experience and allow people to explore their more artistic side by designing the planners themselves without templates and with their own markers, tape, stickers, etc.


Calendars are usually used for small reminders about important dates and events. Rather than using them for an entire long form plan, they are glanced at quickly one or twice throughout the day. Calendars usually use the same formatting: they provide a grid of numbers that represent the days of the month and may also incorporate some sort of accompanying image on the opposite page. Someone may use custom calendar printing to display a certain image and/or quote to keep them motivated throughout the day. Calendars can also come in a variety of different forms: desk calendars, wall calendars, three month calendars, etc. Custom calendar printing may also be a great way to advertise one’s business. Mailing out several custom calendars near or at the top of the year helps save potential customers a step and can act as a great form of advertisement. When customers have business calendars in their home for the new year, they are likely to use them.

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