Various Benefits of Using Anti-Pollution Masks

Air pollution comprises several types of harmful airborne particulates that include smoke, soot, chemical vapor, residue, and gases. The main drivers of this type of pollution are industrial processes, and vehicle emissions. Air pollution mask is one of the most important and widely used equipment to treat air pollution.

Eliminates harmful particles from the air

The major purpose to wear an anti-pollution mask is for filtering out damaging particulates present in the air. Depending on the shape, and size of the wearer, these masks fit tightly on the face to prevent the air particles to enter into your body throughout different areas of the face such as nose, mouth, and eyes. Several types of respirators are found to be the most effective against pollution.

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Helps in reduction of death

As per the research, a lot of deaths happen due to outdoor air pollution. It has been reported that it leads to 4.6 million deaths per year. Exposure to this type of air pollution can result in adverse impacts on the heart and lungs.

Air pollution masks are found to be highly effective in preventing the negative impact of pollution on the body. By protecting the vital organs of the body, these masks help to bring down the death cases.

Beneficial for people with existing health issues

Another very important benefit of using air pollution masks is that it is found to be very effective for people who are more prone to getting affected by air pollution. These are the people who are facing issues with heart disease, oxygen supply to heart, and blood circulation.

It has also been seen that people who had worn air pollution masks have experienced low blood pressure. Studies indicate that on wearing an air pollution mask, it can lower the short-term exposure impact on blood vessels as well as the heart.

Effectiveness of anti-pollution masks

Masks are available in different quality levels. Inferior quality masks are found to be inefficient in filtering out tiny particles present in the polluted city atmosphere.

These masks are not very effective at filtering out emissions that result from vehicle exhaust. It makes sense to invest in superior quality and a little pricier mask that filters out modern-day pollutants.

Factors that determine the efficiency of an air pollution mask

  • The kind of filter
  • Use of valves
  • Leakage between the mask, and the filter
  • Leakage between the face and the mask
  • A bad, or good fit on the face of the wearer
  • Quality of filter


Though the anti-pollution mask is effective in filtering out harmful pollutants, not all of the available standard pollution masks are fully effective against pollution gases. Assess the mask based on its quality of material, filtering ability, fitting, customization, and reusability to determine its effectiveness. With the above information, and based on your purpose, you should make the right decision.

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