CBD: How Does This Hemp Plant Compound Help Combat Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease. In simple words, it is described as accelerated cycle of skin cell growth. Usually, individuals with healthy skin, who don’t have any symptoms of psoriasis, notice mature skin cells appear on their skin once in a month or so. However, those, who have psoriasis, see these skin cells once in every two weeks.

There are several treatment options available for psoriasis, but the most effective ones involve applying topical creams and lotion to the affected area. Now, since CBD, the amazing chemical compound extracted from cannabis plant has anti-inflammatory properties, researchers are considering it as an effective treatment for psoriasis symptoms.

However, the reviews concerning the results of CBD for psoriasis are pretty much mixed. Even though there is anecdotal evidence suggesting that products like CBD soap and oil are beneficial for individuals suffering from psoriasis, studies conducted so far have proved to be inconclusive.

Using CBD for Psoriasis

Our body works on its own internal endocannabinoid system. There are countless receptors which bind endocannabinoids, and ensure harmony within the system. Now, when we fall ill, or are just stressed and tired, our body is unable to generate enough endocannabinoids. However, this gap can be filled with the help of phytocannabinoids, which is nothing but endocannabinoids extracted from plants.

Well, CBD is by far one of the best cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant. It is that one phytocannabinoid which can help our body to find balance once again. The best known effect of CBD is its anti-inflammatory action and overall support to the immune system. Since endocannabinoid system is even a part of our skin, when CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors of skin, it definitely has some therapeutic effects.

There are many studies which support that a potential and effective phytocannabinoids can and will help fight skin conditions like psoriasis. For instance, a study conducted in 2007 found that cannabinoids like CBD reduced the growth of skin cells, and thereby helped in reducing psoriatic skin rashes. One more study conducted in 2019 proved that CBD ointments reduced psoriasis symptoms.

Many CBD topical users around the globe report that they are satisfied to see how effective CBD has been for their condition. Many users successfully eased the redness, itching, peeling of skin as well as swelling with the help of CBD. Also, some report that they managed to eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis forever.

Other benefits of using CBD for individuals suffering from psoriasis

Psoriasis is usually seen to manifest in areas like:

  • Joints like elbows, knees, etc.
  • Scalp or the edges of scalp
  • Nails
  • Palms
  • Lower back

Individuals suffering from psoriasis also suffer from a condition known as psoriasis arthritis. As the name suggests, an individual suffers from chronic body pain in smaller joints of hands and feet. One is expected to experience pain, swelling in joints, and stiffness.

Now, along with anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has some amazing pain relieving properties as well. This means, when individuals used CBD to treat psoriasis, they even treat psoriasis arthritis in the process.

To conclude it can be said that there is yet a lot to learn about health benefits of CBD. So, if you are considering the idea of using CBD for psoriasis, we recommend you do so after consulting your dermatologist.

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