All About Choosing Suitable Lighting Fixtures for Your Industrial Facility

Proper lighting fixtures can enhance the beauty of almost any property. However, when we talk about lighting in the industrial setups, its purpose is to ensure safety and productivity. With proper lighting in industrial facilities one can keep the work area illuminated and thereby reduce the number of accidents considerably. All in all, appropriate lighting can provide a safer and more constructive environment. 

Unfortunately, as the power cost is increasing with every day, entrepreneurs are concerned about their utility bills. As a matter of fact, about 17 to 20 percent of world’s total energy cost is towards lighting. This means, while choosing industrial lighting, it is crucial that one considers energy efficiency amongst other factors. 

Furthermore, there are other factors like being environmental-friendly and low maintenance, which should be considered as well. If you are looking forward for a reliable lighting solution for your industrial set up, here are a few things you must consider…

Choose lighting solutions for industrial set ups


An ideal lighting solution for any industrial facility is the one which ensures energy savings as well as safe work environment. Keeping this is mind, make sure to pick something which is easily mountable on desired heights and is having proper beam distribution.


As of now, LED lighting fixtures are accepted as durable and affordable. In the beginning, the efficiency of these lighting fixtures are optimum. However, with time, there are chances that some of its parts don’t function the same way. To ensure you are buying a durable lighting fixture, consider the parameters like warranty and guarantee of the product. 


For manufacturing units, lights which can withstand harsh environment and vibrations are necessary. On the other hand, for chemical and steel plants, lighting solution should be such which can withstand emissions of a variety of chemicals and well as high temperatures. For oil industries and petrol units, it is advised to install flameproof lighting fixtures. Lastly, for food and pharma companies, neat lighting fixtures with no glass shattering are suitable. 

Avoid glare:

You definitely want to illuminate your work area optimally, but this doesn’t mean you cannot avoid the additional glare. There are many such lighting fixtures which illuminate an area perfectly without adding too much glare. Consider such fixtures. After all, too much glare can affect the vision of workers, and thereby adversely affect their productivity. 

The three E’s to keep in mind when buying lights for industrial set ups


Ergonomic quality lighting fixtures for industries are such lighting fixtures which provide the ease to perform visual tasks. For instance, good quality LED fixtures will not just transform the work place, but it will even impact on how the workers feel at workplace. All in all, a well-designed lighting fixture can play key role in enhancing the productivity of every worker. 


Here we aren’t exactly talking about the efficiency of light fittings, but the efficiency of workers. Different work places need different lighting installations. Therefore, select light fixtures keeping the productivity and efficiency of your workers in mind.


Poor quality light fixtures will cost you high power consumption in long run. Besides, by spending on high quality lights, you are ensuring that there will be no or at least minimum maintenance expenses in future. 

Dealers like have everything you need in their store. So, if you aren’t sure about which type of lighting fixtures will suit your workplace, call them and they will guide you accordingly.

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