Tips for Parents to Help Them During In-home Driving Sessions with Their Kids

Getting started to learning to drive is an exciting process. Driving comes with a new-found independence. Every country has different rules regarding driving licences. In Australia, the minimum age for obtaining learner’s driving license is 15 years and 9 months. In order to get a provisional license, a learner’s license holder should complete 120 hours of supervised driving.

Want to go ahead with at-home driver’s education?

Though there isn’t a mandatory requirement of signing up for driving courses, it is recommended to take up one to ensure to cultivate good driving habits and receive a thorough knowledge on driving. Safe driving is the need of the hour and the driving skills imparted to a young driver during his/her initial days of driving influences how they drive in future.

Though parents may be good drivers and have their child’s best interest in mind, professional driving classes are the best way to learn driving. Driving trainers are experienced in handling students who have no experience in driving. Survey suggests that those who have taken up driving courses comparatively drive in a safer way.

Driving course in Australia:

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Tips for parents:

Until your child obtains their driving license, they can practice driving under your supervision if they hold a learner’s license. Follow these tips during your at-home driving lessons with your children:

  • Learn all the road rules: Driving laws vary between states and it is likely that there are many laws you aren’t aware of. For example, honking your vehicle to bid goodbye is illegal in Australia. Re-familiarize with the laws and brush up your knowledge using VIC and NSW practice tests.
  • Find an appropriate place to teach: Find a place that is less-congested especially if your child isn’t quite experience yet and has driving nerves. As they progress you can gradually move to areas with lighter traffic.
  • Stay cautious of your surroundings at all times: There is no way you can anticipate what could happen next. Your kid wouldn’t be adept yet at noticing what is going around. You’ll have to pay attention to all directions.
  • Start off in good weather: When your kid has just started learning to drive, it’s better to let them drive in good weather and under good lighting conditions. After they are a bit experienced, you can urge them to drive under different weather conditions and during different times of the day.
  • Set a good example: Now that you are teaching them driving, your kid would observe your every move when you drive. They’ll see how you handle road situations and how you react to other fellow drivers.

Extend driving practice time after your teen feels more confident. Remember to stay patient. If you feel your kid needs improvement with certain skill, you can talk to the driver instructor regarding it.

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