Different Types of Workstation Designs for Your Office

Ever since desk and filing cabinets have been under the use in the office design, filling of the office space with many desks within the office space had to be done with plenty of considerations and thoughts. Basic idea was to get most out of available space, so that maximum number of workers can be accommodated within the space.

However, with times these attitudes have also undergone a change. Now most companies have begun to realize that employees are also a valuable asset of the company and therefore, whatever time they spend in office must be as much pleasant as possible.

Nowadays, the offices are no longer an efficient torture chamber but a comfortable and colourful place to increase productivity by using different office workstations.

If you are therefore looking for info about designing office workstations then little more understanding about workstations will help to increase your work productivity.

Benefits of workstations

Few important benefits of workstations are as follows:

  1. Office workstations are usually more stylish and functional.
  2. Ergonomic workstation will prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  3. Overall productivity of your business may improve with well-designed workstation layout having proper storage space.
  4. Ergonomic and modular workstation can accommodate different working needs like drawers, shelves and many more.
  5. Workstations are easily maintainable and also environmental friendly.

We shall try to see how Ideal Office Furniture can help you to develop right office furniture in Perth in order to create different varieties of workstations and also benefits your company. Following are few different workstations ideas:

      1. L-shaped office workstations

L-shaped desk having storage capabilities is meant for single worker. These workstations are more of a traditional workstation having walls and also file cabinets. It will have defined space for workers to work every day.

      2. Side-by-side office workstations

These are straight, linear or row-type workstations. There will be multiple desks which run side-by-side. They should be considered mostly for longer spaces.

      3. Back-to-back office workstations

In modern offices, this is becoming most popular workstation. They will come in variety of arrangements.

      4. Height adjustable ergonomic type office workstations

Ergonomics workstation can eliminate workplace injuries during work. Companies are trying to ensure that their workers do not get sore backs and other pains and aches.  Adjustable-height desks type workstations will allow workers to stand up to stretch out while working.

      5. Benching workstations

In benching plan, it is wide-open office having no fixed personal space. Employees will grab their laptop, and find their spot and sit wherever they prefer and start working. You can compare such workstation with family-style restaurant having long open tables with plenty of seats.

      6. Team workstation

In team workstations multiple workers can work within same space. Ideal for people working in same team and can chat about work or strategies without any schedule meeting to save time.

      7. Privacy cubicle

This is most traditional type of workstation where employee will get their own privacy within the cubicle.

      8. Cluster workstation

These workstations usually are in group of more people where accessibility between different employees is easy and widely preferable in the IT industry.

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