CBD Gummies – A Delicious Treat that can Positively Impact our Immune System

In this pandemic situation, everyone is coming out with different products that claim to boost our immune systems so that it can fight the coronavirus infection without having to face multiple symptoms. While some products are genuine and might provide a slight boost, some are in the market just to earn extra bucks out of fear-based marketing.

The five important factors that govern the health of our immune system are:

  • A good balanced diet.
  • Regular exercise, go to the gym, do yoga, or simply brisk walk every day.
  • Giving your body quality sleep time.
  • Avoiding all forms of stress as it can increase inflammatory markers in our body including cytokines, which is seen to be responsible for severe Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Using right supplements that can help our body heal faster and boost the strength of our immune system.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc supplements are essential to aid our immune system in fighting viral diseases.
  • Our body gets most of the minerals and vitamins through food and natural resources.
  • However, if you are deficient in any of the above, consult your doctor to see what supplement is best for you.

Apart from the essential minerals and vitamins, there are many herbs like ginger and turmeric that help in strengthening our immune system. Some CBD users wonder if it can also help in providing a boosting effect to the immune system during these times.

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Can CBD oil act as an immunity booster?

There are many CB2 receptors found in our immune systems. However, the role of CBD as an immune booster is not clear. It acts as a modulator and a suppressant both. CBD has been used to suppress the functioning of our immune system to keep auto immune diseases under control.

At the same time CBD also functions to normalize the immune systems in other patients. The role that CBD can play in helping us fight an infection is by keeping inflammation and its markers in control especially cytokines. Cytokine storm as the term implies occurs when cytokines that regulate the products of WBCs and inflammation in the body increases many folds.

The cytokine storm is responsible for most of the severe symptoms that a patient suffering from Covid-19 faces. Thus, by reducing the production of cytokines, CBD can prove to be really beneficial in helping us fight this deadly virus.

Now that we know that CBD oil can impact our course of coronavirus recovery in a huge way, do not self medicate if you feel you might have been exposed to the virus. Instead, get yourself tested and consult a medical professional to determine the best course of action for optimal recovery.

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