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A Real Aviary Of Birds And Pollinators From The Paper | RetinaComics

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#animals #birds #miniature #paper #The paper ark #watercolor

Peacock. All images © Nayan Shrimali and Venus Bird, shared with permission

Nayan Shrimali and Venus Bird, by The paper ark, address conservation and small-scale environmental activism. Artists (formerly) create miniature representations of flora and fauna that harness the textured and buildable potential of paper to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of threatened and endangered species.

After cutting and layering tiny bits of material, Shrimali and Bird add details with watercolor, both on the streaked quills of a crested porcupine and the regal crown of the peacock. While largely true to life in anatomy and color, most of the portraits are small enough to fit on a fingertip.

Shrimali shares that The Paper Ark has started making hand-cranked wildlife automatons, which you find alongside a vast archive of creatures at Instagram. Buy prints and originals available at Etsy.

A miniature hummingbird sculpture near a flower

Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird

A tiny, pointed hedgehog rests on the tip of a finger

Crested porcupine

A tiny planter with insects and birds is made from vibrant layered paper

Endangered pollinators

A brown moth uses its proboscis to suck nectar from a tiny flower sculpture helped by a hand

Madagascar sphinx moth

A green paper beetle rests on a white background

The Glory of the Beetle

A hand holds a paper sculpture of a bird perched on a flower

Cape Sugarbird

Two white birds dance with spread wings and touching beaks

Great herons

#animals #birds #miniature #paper #The paper ark #watercolor

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