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Art and Architecture Dance to the Beat of Percussion in | RetinaComics

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#architecture #short film #stop motion #Turkey #video #Waref Abu Quba

July 13, 2023

Grace Ebert

Syrian-German director and animator Waref Abu Quba takes viewers on a fast-paced tour through Istanbul’s sought-after art and architecture in his short film »Takrar.” Comprised of 270 shots culled from around 2,900 photos, the stop-motion animation focuses on the elaborate patterns and impeccable craftsmanship spotted throughout the Turkish capital. “When I first visited Istanbul in 2021, I was captivated by its timeless beauty and decided to capture it through my lens,” Quba says. « Creating every frame of this film was an absolute joy and each new scene brought unexpected and beautiful surprises. »

After two years in the making, ‘Takrar’ highlights the medley of Islamic, Ottoman, Greek and Byzantine influences throughout the city. The film is set to a lively percussive track played by Robbie Kickens to the direction of Alex Story who seems to make ancient statues dance to the rhythm of decorative motifs and architectural structures in a suggestive celebration of art and design, past and present.

See « Takrar » above and find more of Quba’s works at Video.

a mosaic of lions

an animated image of an elaborately patterned brick wall that appears to sway

An ornate arch with a blue floral pattern and red and white stripes surrounding it

#architecture #short film #stop motion #Turkey #video #Waref Abu Quba

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