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Four medicinal plants Rewild Mumbai in a new series of | RetinaComics


#Mona Caron #murals #plants #public art #street art

July 14, 2023

Grace Ebert

All images courtesy of Pranav Gohil and St+art India Foundation, shared with permission

Four sturdy plants soar towards the Mumbai skyline in a new series of murals by the Swiss artist Mona Carone (previously). Known for her striking portraits of weeds and botanicals considered ugly or undesirable, Caron celebrates the hardy specimens native to India often found scavenging through concrete and along dusty roadsides.

Taking the title from the name of the vegetation, Kurdu, Takla, Chhota Kalpa, Kantakari brings together four medicinal plants that burst into the urban environment despite the harsh conditions. “Unsolvable, Kurdu won’t even bother choosing a sheltered place. No matter how broken the ground, right in everyone’s way, like a cow crossing a busy Mumbai street, gently floats the sacred in the midst of our daily chaos, mostly bypassed unnoticed,” Caron shares.

The works celebrate this strength and determination and advocate recognition of their value. “It takes proximity to the earth to reap his blessings; it takes traditional knowledge to know the best way to. We honor this wisdom that persists underpinning this exploding metropolis, against all pressures to uproot it,” he says.

These murals were created as part of this year’s Mumbai Urban Art Festival organized by St+art India Foundation. Find out more from Caron at his site AND Instagram.

The top of two murals show a prickly weed with purple flowers and berries to the left and a plant with green leaves and blue flower to the right

A close up of green leaves and pink flowers

Four green plants with blue, yellow and pink flowers tower over Mumbai with a road in the foreground

A close up of a prickly stem and leaf

Four green plants with blue, yellow and pink flowers tower over Mumbai with a road in the foreground

Green leaves and yellow flowers sprout from a mural surrounded by real leaves

A close up of two plant murals on a building

#Mona Caron #murals #plants #public art #street art

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