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#animals #flowers #Jon Ching #nature #oil painting #painting #plants

« Arroyo ». All images © Jon Ching, shared with permission

A seahorse nestles among cherry blossoms and a cone of purple flowers transforms from a sparkling amethyst into Jon Chingof disturbing ecologies. In jewel tones oil paintings, the Los Angeles-based artist’s hybrid creatures sport regal coiffure or fuse their bodies with gems and crystals. It often focuses on a central character in a contradictory setting, such as an owl among pumpkins, a flamingo wading among cacti in a wetland, or a bird brooding from a Faberge egg.

Recently, Ching has begun to create what he describes as « quieter » compositions, building on central portraits to unveil the enigmatic wonder of nature as a whole. The landscapes and details of the animals’ surroundings take precedence and sometimes border on optical illusions, such as moon moths hidden with ginkgo leaves in ‘Nagamorphose’ or a dewy spider web made of diamonds in ‘Arachnitite’. Highlighting more and more species that are being misunderstood or getting a bad rap, her new paintings of her are « less about the animal itself and more about the beauty that exists in the world, » she says in a recent article on American art collectorsharing that he wants to « reject our cultural prejudices about certain animals. »

Many of these pieces are part of Ching’s solo exhibition Terra Brio TO Refuge Gallery on Long Island, which continues through June 4. She also just released a print edition of « In Plain Sight, » which you can find at his shop. Find out more about his work about him websiteand follow him Instagram for updates and insights into his process.

An oil painting of a chameleon with an amethyst.

« In plain sight »

An oil painting of a primate eating rocks with crystals growing from its head.

« Brain »

An oil painting of a pink seahorse among cherry blossoms.

« Sakura »

An oil painting of an owl with a wreath among some plants.

“Makali’i Rising”

An oil painting of a hummingbird among some gingko leaves and moths.

« Nagamorphosis »

An oil painting of a bird hatching from a Fabergé egg in a rosebush.

« Trellis »

An oil painting of a spider made of gems, catching a fly in a diamond web.

« Arachnite »

An oil painting of a hummingbird perched on a thorny plant.

« Sting »

#animals #flowers #Jon Ching #nature #oil painting #painting #plants

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