Instagram updates Reels to make content creation easier

Instagram updates Reels to make content creation easier | RetinaComics

Instagram is rolling out new features on Reels that will make it easier for brands to hop on trends, increase reach, and edit videos.

For the first time, you can search the browser for models by category, making the Meta-owned platform much easier to navigate.

You’ll also now have access to more editing features than ever before, as the platform has made customizing templates less time-consuming.

Because we care. Finding out which videos are trending and adding them to that conversation is a great way to maximize your reach by capturing the attention of people who might not otherwise be aware of your brand. Not only do these new features make it easier to see which videos are popular, but the new editing capabilities make creating content easier and faster. Plus, if you want to cash in on a trend but are struggling to come up with an original concept, Reels’ new easier navigation system means they can now explore how other people have recreated models for much-needed inspiration.

Template browser revamp. You can browse different Instagram templates via category in the updated template browser. These categories will be organized into Advised AND Trendy – as well as any templates or audios you have saved to your account.

How does it work. Users can access the template browser every time they go to create a reel. Simply:

  • Tap the Create button from the home page.
  • Touch COIL.
  • Touch the image in the lower left corner of the screen to open the camera gallery.
  • Touch Models.

You can also access the model browser via the Reels tab. Touch the camera icon and then select Models.

Save your favorite template. If you see a template you’d like to use, you can save that video and come back to it later. Just tap the Use template button located on the reel. That footage will then be accessible in the model browser.

Get inspired. Whenever you come across a template you’d like to use but need some inspiration, now’s your chance to check out the competition. By touching the Model of icon in the chosen reel, brands will be shown examples of how others have used the template and gotten creative to make that video their own.

New editing features. When you create the templates, audio, number of clips, duration of clips and AR effects will automatically be added to the reel. This means they no longer have to manually add or recreate these features, saving a lot of time.

Instagram has also announced that it will start adding text and transitions that were used in the original reel to the templates, which will once again help you save time. However, the templates will still be fully customizable so you can add or remove clips, adjust timings, and edit preloaded items. This new feature should be rolling out in the coming weeks.

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Bonus added. Meta also confirmed this week that Instagram Reels will now also be available on Facebook. People will also have the opportunity to write comments on these clips without switching between apps. This means brands now have the potential to reach more people than ever before through the Meta network.

What did Instagram say? The platform said through its announcement:

  • “Reel templates make it easy for you to create a reel by reusing elements from another reel you love. Simply insert your own videos and photos to save time and put your own creative spin on a reel.
  • “We are excited to share some updates to the Reels templates that will help you find inspiration easier and create engaging reels.
  • “Whether you’re joining a trend or want to create a fun reel to express your creativity, Reels templates can help you get started with just a few taps.
  • « We’re always working on ways to improve your experience with Reels. We’ll continue to develop Reels’ templates feature to make creating and sharing on Instagram easier and more fun. »