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Maps everyday ephemera and watercolor drawings record Jose Naranjas travels | RetinaComics

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#drawing #José Naranja #diary #maps #stamps #travel

June 29, 2023

Grace Ebert

All images © José Naranja, shared with permission

Instead of scrolling through photos from a recent trip, Jose Orange (formerly) recalls his travels through exceptionally detailed sketchbooks with notes, illustrations and ephemera collected during his visits. The artist and author is an avid tourist and keen observer, saturating the blank pages of his Moleskines with watercolor and ink drawings of airplanes, movie characters and maps. Like most of us, Naranja has been unable to travel for much of the past few years, although he has been filming his adventures and has frequented Thailand and other parts of Asia, which is reflected in his latest publications. he.

Currently, Naranja is working on an experimental illustrated oracle deck that imagines the year 2050 through the lens of science, art and philosophy, all nuanced with his signature fantasy approach. The last book of the artist, The Nautilus Manuscriptis out now and you can follow updates on his work at Instagram.

An open notebook shows drawings of pens, bags, notes and ephemera with pens and watercolors nearby

An open notebook shows a drawing of an airplane and a map with notes on the page and pens and watercolors nearby

A hand draws portraits of two characters from the film, Amelie and Faye Wong.  There is writing around them

An open notebook with three stamps, a graph and drawings of a man and a bug with a magnifying glass.  A pen is on the table nearby

An open notebook with three cat stamps on the page next to the notes and a yellow and red pattern on the right side.  The pens are on the table nearby

An open notebook shows a drawing of a map with notes and patterns on the page and pens nearby

#drawing #José Naranja #diary #maps #stamps #travel

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