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Mystery Abounds in Lee Madgwicks Mysterious Abandoned Building Paintings | RetinaComics


#landscape #Lee Madgwick #nature #painting

July 19, 2023

Grace Ebert

« The veil. » All images © Lee Madgwick, shared with permission

A sense of unease surrounds the buildings Lee Madwickof the paintings, their sides crumbling or overgrown as they stand solitary in fields or marshes. The neglected structures seem to have been lifted out of cities and towns and dropped directly into rural landscapes, where nature slowly wraps around their brick facades or sprouts trees from their eaves. “I’m always drawn to places of abandonment and isolation,” Madgwick tells Colossal. “I am compelled to explore these enigmatic wonders. There is an unwavering intensity, silence and fragility that hangs in the air.

Containing only remnants of human life, the scenes raise questions about the origins and caretakers of the buildings. Some pieces, such as ‘The Veil’, depict a house long abandoned by the inhabitants as thick vines cover the lower windows, while others such as ‘Fen View’ suggest that people remain, as one small window is neatly cut out of an overgrown hedge. vegetation.

Working in what she terms « imaginary realism, » the artist uses a mix of water-mixable oil and acrylic paints layered over the course of several weeks. “The skies are painted with my palms and fingertips. It’s the most expressive part of the process,” she shares. « Combined with a brooding sky and concentrated light, a sense of drama is formed and a narrative is set in motion. »

Madgwick has a solo show scheduled for October in Brian Sinfield Gallery in Burford, Oxfordshire. Until then, he gets his work done Instagram and buy limited edition prints his site. (through This is not happiness)

Overgrown hedges are trimmed to reveal a house window in the center of the foliage

“Swamp View”

Water rises around a stately adobe home

« The flood »

A round brick house rests on a concrete foundation with a ladder leading up to the entrance

« Summer House »

A brick gate-like building sits at the end of a road with nothing behind it


A hodgepodge of graffitied buildings sits in a round tower surrounded by a fence in the middle of a field

« Kingdom »

A small piece of a building facade with a tunnel through which a river flows is located in the middle of a field, a boat in the foreground


#landscape #Lee Madgwick #nature #painting

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