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June 27, 2023

Kate Moth

« Flowers with birds » (1987). All images © Maria Prymachenko, courtesy of Saatchi Gallery, shared with permission

“Maria was very wise, kind, determined and open to the world,” says granddaughter of self-taught Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko (1908-1997). « He incorporated his worldview and his philosophy into the paintings he created. » The vibrant and fantastic works of Prymachenko (previously) combined her inner thoughts with observations of the world around her, depicting symmetrical flower arrangements, wild animals and everyday scenes. Her attention to the beauty of everyday existence takes center stage Saatchi Gallery in London next month, marking the first time these pieces, which have been carefully preserved by the artist’s family for half a century, have been exhibited in the UK

Saatchi partnered with the Prymachenko Family Foundation and the Ukrainian Embassy to organize this special selection of 23 works, many of which were originally intended for a children’s book and often focus on portraits of the artist or of women spinning fibers on a wheel, graze horses or sit outside with baby in a stroller. Many are double-sided, such as « Beast of Polissia, » which includes a handwritten narrative on the back.

Dozens of Prymachenko’s paintings were once kept in the Ivankiv Museum of History and Local History, just outside Kiev. When Russian forces attacked the village last year, totally destroying the museum, local residents managed to save his works from the ensuing fire. The Prymachenko Family Foundation is currently creating a new museum complex on the site of the artist’s home in Bolotnya, the village where he has spent his entire life, which will include a residence for contemporary artists. Foundation partner and co-curator Natalia Gnatiuk says: « It will be a place of strength, able to welcome guests from all over the world after Ukraine’s victory. »

Maria Primachenko at the Saatchi Gallery opens July 13 and runs through August 31.

A glowing painting of a stylized lion-like creature.

“Beast of Polissia”

A handwritten note in Ukrainian with two decorative floral motifs.

Reverse above: “On October 15, 1935, I began to paint near the Lavra. I had surgery in January. I learned from the newspaper that I received a First Degree Diploma and a thousand karbovanets. The doctors congratulated me and did three more surgeries. In seven months I had a device made for 703 karbovanets. I learned to use it and now I wear it. A new device will be made for 1908 karbovanet. I continue to paint. MP Beast of Polissia »

A glowing painting of a stick figure on horseback.

“I raised horses instead of my father. deputy” (1982)

A bright painting of a stylized flower pot.

« Roses to the Wheat Growers » (1987)

A bright painting of a stylized woman spinning yarn and a cat sitting on the bench.

“I was spinning on the spinning wheel. deputy” (1982)

A glowing painting of a stylized house and its inhabitants in a Ukrainian village.

Without title

A bright painting of a stylized house with birds on it and a woman sitting outside with her baby in a pram.

Without title

A bright painting of a stylized flower pot.

« Flowers in a Pot » (1982)

#history of art #folk art #Maria Prymachenko #painting

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