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December 12, 2023

Kate Mothes

James Lake. All images © the artists, courtesy of MAKE Southwest

Strips of cardboard, papier-mâché, and precision folding are just a few of the techniques artists employ as they explore of the endless potential of paper. Whether using found pages of magazines and books, intricately folding single sheets into detailed figures, or designing unique wearable pieces, artists are constantly finding original ways to use the humble material.

Kicking off next month at MAKE Southwest, a group exhibition titled PULP celebrates the possibilities of the medium in all its forms, from quilled flowers to figurative sculptures to playful miniatures. Collaboratively curated by the Paper Artist Collective and GF Smith, PULP presents the work of more than two dozen international artists, including several we’ve shared here on Colossal over the years, like Layla May Arthur, Daphne Lee, Juho Könkkölä, Kate Kato, and more.

PULP opens on January 20 and runs through April 13 in the town of Bovey Tracey, on the edge of Dartmoor. If you’re in the area, you can plan your visit and learn more via MAKE Southwest’s website.


A quilled paper artwork of a bright, orange flower.

Daphne Lee

A detailed artwork made of white paper of a bird with wings spread.

Emma Boyes

A sculpture made of papier-mache, portraying a pink squid.

Tina Kraus

A small paper sculpture of a little facade of a house, installed inside the opening of a tin can.

Rosa Yoo

An array of paper sculptures resembling realistic mushrooms, plants, and feathers.

Kate Kato

Two images side-by-side. The image on the left is an abstract, colorful geometric composition photographed on a green background. The composition has six sides and contains a kaleidoscope-like arrangement of bugs. The image on the right shows a single piece of gold paper that has been folded into undulating geometric shapes.

Left: Samantha Quinn. Right: Dail Behennah

A sculpture made from found paper, with laters of lattice and framework in a cube shape.

Kate Hipkiss

A ring made from compressed paper.

Jeremy May

A field of dandelions in a gallery space. The flowers are made from paper.

Monique Martin



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