TikTok tests AI chatbot for search and discovery

TikTok tests AI chatbot for search and discovery | RetinaComics

TikTok is testing an AI chatbot in select markets. Called Tako, the AI-powered tool aims to help TikTok users with search and discovery.

Because we care. Google has acknowledged that TikTok is a threat. So we’re watching closely as TikTok moves to improve search on its platform, as well as test search ads.

What does it look like. that’s how TechCrunch described it:

It will appear on the right side of the TikTok interface, above the user’s profile and other buttons for likes, comments and bookmarks. When tapped, users can ask Tako various questions about the video using natural language queries or discover new content by asking for recommendations.

Here is a screenshot:

Image source: TechCrunch

What is TikTok saying. TikTok has confirmed the AI ​​chatbot is being tested with select users in the Philippines, via Chirping:

  • “We are in the early stages of exploring chatbot tools with a limited test of Tako with select users in the Philippines. Tako is an AI-powered tool to help with search and discovery on TikTok. Tako is powered by a third-party chat assistant and is designed to make it easier for you to discover fun and inspiring content on TikTok. There are currently no plans for this beyond these first tests, but we’re excited to hear your feedback!

by Google Threat TikTok. Google revealed a surprising statistic last year: that 40% of young people go to TikTok or Instagram (not Google Maps of Search) when looking for a place to get lunch. This was according to Google’s senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan, citing internal research of US users aged 18 to 24. He also noticed that these new Internet users search differently.

TikTok isn’t a search engine like Google, which crawls the entire web. TikTok is basically an internal search engine, like YouTube, which is often referred to as the second largest search engine. And this new AI chatbot, if rolled out globally, could allow TikTok users to discover content via chat instead of typing into a search box.