Unearthly Characters Populate Spencer Hansen’s Salvaged Universe

Unearthly Characters Populate Spencer Hansens Salvaged Universe | RetinaComics

All images courtesy of Skye Gallery, shared with permission

Sporting pinecone-esque suits or masks with gilded antennae, the alien creatures that surface in Spencer Hansen’s Bali workshop appear to be both of this world and not. The artist (previously) recycles familiar, natural materials like wood, fur, and bone, envisioning mysterious but friendly characters with skeletal features and chiseled bodies. Ranging from a few inches high to life-sized, the uncanny sculptures are part of an ever-growing universe salvaged from the scraps of waste materials.

Some of the characters shown here will be on view for Hansen’s next solo show at Skye Gallery in New York, which runs from April 4 to May 18. Until then, head to Instagram to explore more of his work.


a character with a pinecone like body and a clear mask over its face

a bird like sculpture with a skull and long beak standing on textured wooden legs

“Quinn” (2022), monkey pod wood, brass, copper, skull, 15.5 X 5 x 3 inches

a wooden character with textured legs and a white and gold mask covering its face with three eyes

“Luni” (2022), teak wood, ceramic, brass, 27 x 8 x 6.5 inches

a detail of a character with three eyes and two tall wooden anntenae

five furry creatures congregate with their arms in the air

“Mochi Group” (2022), repurposed fur and brass

four wooden characters seated with their hands over their eyes

a white man in a black t-shirt stands holding a wooden mask to his face

Spencer Hansen

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